News and a new Video to release April 1 2016…!!!


A lot has been underway-

First we said farewell to long time friend and our live Bassist, Brian Powell. He made his way to Nashville to support Jason Michael Carrol and we are extremely proud to see him making his way within his own musical journey. Tour busses, sold out venues, and tight schedules all to play his 4 strings for the fans. We love ya brother Brian and know you’re “shining bright like a Diamond”..!

We were pressed to find a good fit for the project since December and ended up welcoming Gene Blank recently. A native Brooklyn cat, Gene recently located to Portland Oregon with his wife to continue his path in music and enjoy this beautiful part of the planet. We are really blessed to have him aboard as he is what we dig in a musical brother. Be sure to say hello!

I am currently recording the next set of work to be released. I am not sure if it will come in singles, an ep, or a full album, but it will be coming for sure. I have been working rather tirelessly on demos and preproduction. The last album I did as a one man project then assembled a really incredible band to perform it. We are going to explore a full band sound on a few tracks to keep it fresh , organic and alive. I am really looking forward to this too. As much as I love electronic sounds, I equally dig cool amps, old drums in mono, mic’d up rooms and experimenting with tools most wouldn’t include. That was my favorite part about the Empess album, I didn’t worry about fitting in to one specific sound or getting all clean for the sheen. I guess according to Pandora and iTune cha chings , it kind of worked. Like many, I love how I feel around music and I want it all close to me, so i’m in it always! So be prepared to dance, ponder, bob your head, rock out, or just feel alive….what ever it is…it’s Berahmand anyway it’s chopped!

So about this latest creation. It has taken on a life of it’s own and I couldn’t be more proud to share. It has allowed me to venture out musically and create a pallet of sound with a concept somewhat guiding the track into the visual. The results are “One day you’ll know”. Directed by Kenton Waltz of KLiK Concepts , a director out of Portland Oregon, I had brought this idea to him and he immediately related to it and we got to work. We were blessed to have such a location and team to pull it off because this time of year is very tricky in the Northwest to do outside work. The story within is about the struggle amongst a father and son. A lifetime cycle of stubborn gloom. Ya know, life. I was originally inspired by a simple beat I programmed off this thick sampler I scored on craigslist. Three studios later, a desert, a rad team, and a love to chase an idea… we are here. It is not a literal piece, so enjoy your own thoughts as you voyeur my art. Please follow the link at the end to join our mailing list and stay up to date with all shows and content. Reach out, follow, share etc. My only offering is a feeling…<3 – Berahmand

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