“Empress”, his freshman self performed /produced album was originally received by critics as a modern dance inspired synth-rock album , and there’s no denying the nod to the 80’s new wave era, like the dark synth infused rocker “Turn it up”, or the weighty title track “Empress” . The heart beat of the album- swaying” Stones style” Rock and Roll rhythm section amplifying several of the ten tracks of “Empress”. A theme of music, dark classic production, entirely written, recorded, produced, and performed at the hands of one artist, Berahmand.

“They’re rock & roll, new wave, soul songs…. with some dirty production! You know, true…. perfectly imperfect….or I guess one would say, honest.”

Spending Fall of 2013 in to Summer of 2014, he wrote and recorded “Empress” as a one man project at his studio in Portland Oregon co-mixing and mastering with local favorite Stephan Hawkes (Red Fang) at Interlace Studios. Soon after its official iTunes release , he started assembling professional players with credits both local and as far as London to Australia to perform the music live. The Album Release eventually debuted late March to a near sold out crowd at Portland’s favorable Doug Fir Lounge. Garnering a steady climbing buzz through out his hometown of Portland Oregon, he was quickly gaining steam with press and local radio as well as an earlier Pandora acceptance of “Empress” , Berahmand began establishing an increase in interest and fans even prior to taking the stage for the bands debut. Eventually the news was catching on. With a rapid growing buzz and a live sound that could fill a stadium, he would go on to bring the magic through 2015 to three more shows at Portlands own Star Theater, Dante’s , and again at Doug fir for a joint sell out.

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